Transfer files reliably. securely. data privacy compliant.

Reliable, secure and data privacy compliant datatransfer-service for your company


Own infrastructure

No shared hosting. You get your own server instance or we install it on your servers

Full Control

You decide who receives the data and for how long access is granted before sending the download link


Automatically the transfer access and the files are deleted

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49,99 € / month
  • your own domain
  • unlimited users
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Your own safetransfer Domain

Do you have the control over your data?

The IT is responsible for frictioness and secure business processes...
For thWee exchange of big files, employees often use external, free services (Shadow-IT)
...but has no overview, which files were sent to whom and what happened there
The exchange of big data assets like pictures, movies, presentations etc. belongs to everyday work-life.
But not the usage of a FTP program.
External, free transfer services are forbidden in your company, because you have no control over your data.

SafeTransfer is your solution for GDPR compliant file transfer.

External file transfer with full control, easy usage for the user and transfer documentation.

SafeTransfer easily integrates into your existing IT-Infrastructure and
provides a branded user experience for your business.
Full control over who receives which data and for how long access is granted.

How Safetransfer works

Add recipient(s)and define how long he or she will have access

Select filesfrom your harddrive or your online storage and upload them.

Documented accessand only short-term data storage

Relaxautomatic controll of the access and deletion of files


SafeTransfer helps building trust between your company and your customers by showing that data privacy matters to you.

German operator

We are located in germany and use a german data center

Own infrastructure

No shared hosting. You get your own server instance or we install it on your servers


Your CI and domain (hostname) because branded user-experience builds trust

Back in Control

No need to use external Services without control over your data anymore

Clean Inboxes

Because sent files are on the server not the inbox


Automatically the transfer access and the files are deleted

A fitting solution for every company

Enterprise or small-medium business. Transparent prices, easy accounting. Play and Go!

Pay per user? No! All packages for a fixed price per month!
7 days refund!

49,00  24,50  per month - unlimited users
  • Unlimited users
  • Own Server based in Germany (not shared)
  • 30 GB Storage
  • your own subdomain (
149,00  74,50  per month - unlimited users
  • Unlimited users
  • Own Server based in Germany (not shared)
  • 140 GB Storage
  • your own subdomain (
  • use own domain (
  • CI Settings possible
  • Bulk-Transfers

149,00 €per month - unlimited users
  • same as Large-Service, can be hosted on your own domain
  • your own company compliant server
  • your data in your own hands
  • +599,00 € one time fee installation
  • your own server based where you wanted
For a monthly contract, the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis.


Safetransfer is the answer to data complient filetransfer. Please stop feeding big Companys which are gaining from your private data!

We now live in a privacy economy, end-customer are aware of and take data privacy serious. Data breaches and resulting fines for firms have substantial financial and reputational impacts. You have to be in control of all your files
SafeTransfer is a group of people with strong experience in IT-Networks and E-Commerce, dedicated to help businesses implementing data privacy.

SafeTransfer is a partner supporting his customers in achieving data privacy without interrupting the business. In times of data breaches and social media, data sharing is part of our life – SafeTransfer helps to make it safe and transparent.

SafeTransfer is here to support you, deliverying a user-friendly and reliable service and we bring our year-long expertise from IT-Systems and E-Commerce together to provide impactful services for your business
SafeTransfer is your one-stop solution for GDPR compliant data exchange, easily integrated into existing IT-Infrastructure and providing a branded user experience for your business. SafeTransfer leaves you with full control over who receives which data and for how long access is granted – everything documented complying to GDPR.
With our service, you protect your customers privacy, strengthening your reputation and integrate into your existing infrastructure with low effort. Use Safetransfer for short-term data storage and automated data transfering processes
To build up and branded experience and trust for your own customers and service providers.

You know a lot of providers for data transfer, which you or your employees already use. Most of them are free of charge and you or your employees use it because it is easy to share big files. But did you ever question yourself, how those companies earn their money? You can answer this question by yourself. Keep in mind, that you give your confident files and have no idea what happens with the data.

Your Safetransfer instance is provided on a own server infrastructure. You are not on a shared host, where you have to share your data with other customers. If this is still not enough protection for you, you can get our on-premise solution for your internal infrastructure.

Safetransfer is from businessmen to businessmen, with the main goals of data privacy, easy to use software and protection of confident company data.

#gdpr #dsgvo
Safetransfer is for businesses, which take care of their data privacy and their trust of their customers. No matter if you are a small or medium business or an enterprise. Your data should not be transfered unprotected and without any controlling behind it. Safetransfer takes care about the access control and deletes the files automatically if they do not have to be shared anymore.

SafeTransfer can be setup in your CI and under your hostname (domain). Therefore your customers can feel your brand experience and build trust while working with you.

Safetransfer is a businees only solution!
The file transfer protocol (FTP) is very old. In general it does not support encryption. All files can be read easily. Sometimes companies implemented the more secure solutions like FTPS or SFTP, but you can find them very seldom. Additionally there are often problems with FTPS and the companies firewall. At safetransfer all the communication is secured over SSL (TLS encrypted) and therefore your files are safe!
Every customer gets his complete own server infrastructure. You are not on a shared host with other customers. Your data is therefore completely seperated from other users.

Therefor you may understand, that we cannot provide a public demo for you. Anyhow we offer you a 7-day trial after you booking of Safetransfer. If you are still unconvinced after the 7 days trial period - what we do not think :) - only write an email to our support team. We will write an invoice correction, terminate your product account and refund the whole sum to your bank account. Promised!

Not supporting Data Privacy can have high impact to business bottom line

  • Data Privacy Day continues to gain momentum as consumer demands around data protection grow, and legal changes such as the EU’s GDPR increase the pressure on companies to secure information. Despite this, breaches are on the rise, with the Center for Strategic and International Studies valuing annual losses from cybercrime at 400$bn
  • The annual study, conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Security, reveals that the average cost of a data breach is currently $3.62 million globally
  • Any breach of the General Data Protection Regulation could lead to severe fines, infringements can lead to fines of up to 20 million euros ($23.6 million at the time of writing) or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher.

We are living in a different era - the privacy era

#privacy #gdpr

  • 25/05/2018

    The General Data Protection Regulation will apply from this day

  • 06/05/2018

    Data Protection Directive for the police and justice sectors into national legislation applicable from this day

  • 10/01/2017

    EC proposes two new regulations on privacy and electronic communications and on the data protection rules applicable to EU institutions

  • 24/05/2016

    The Regulation enters into force, 20 days after publication in the Official Journal of the EU

  • 02/02/2016

    The Article 29 Working Party issues an action plan for the implementation of the GDPR