Because privacy matters

Safetransfer is your safe and easy data privacy compliant file exchange service!  

Safetransfer was made for businesses which care about their data.

Safetransfer CEO Christopher Linn


Why Safetransfer?

  • Do you know how your employees share files with external partners in everyday life?
  • Tired of using someone else´s infrastructure to send and receive files which are too big for emails?
  • Keep having problems with full mailboxes of your employees because of mails which had only the purpose of transferring files?
  • Do you know what big file transfer companies are doing with your files, especially when you´re using their free services? (WeTransfer)
  • Ever happened to your company that someone shared a cloud folder or file of your company with an external partner and forgot to revoke that link?

Collaboration is good, but not without privacy

The feature of a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox is, that you can collaborate on a file with many people. But most of the times you just want to share a copy of a file in that exact state.  

We at Safetransfer think, that it´s better to have a controlled way of file exchange between you and an external partner.

Safetransfer Co-Founder and CIO Christian Fastenrath


Ready for an bad example?

Imagine a harmless Excel spreadsheet: in the beginning there´s no internal included. Someone share´s a link to that spreadsheet with an external partner.   Another employee of your company is not aware of that fact and includes some internal data in that spreadsheet or even worse adds private data of your customers. This external partner is able to see whats happening to your file as you don´t revoke his access. Cloud storage has strong features but it also has flaws.   We at Safetransfer think, that it´s better to have a controlled way of file exchange between you and an external partner. With reports and a good overview about what is going in and what´s going out of your company. All of that won´t happen to you with Safetransfer.  

Send and receive files on a secure infrastructure

With Safetransfer you can send and receive files on a secure infrastructure. No shared service. No data will mix with other customers. Every customer has its own server.

Safetransfer on your own Server’s

Alternatively we can install our software on your server as an on-premise-solution (link zu den voraussetzungen).   Safetransfer is a File Transfer Service with 2 big advantages:

  • It´s your own service, you still have full control over what´s happening
  • You can give external partners the link to your Safetransfer instance, so they can upload files and share them only with your employees. You can add all the domains your company uses and let the external partner select only from that list.